Monday, June 09, 2008


I got a lot done today. School is out for summer. Summer school hasn't started yet. No charter routes to drive. No work as a bus driver today. So I had a list of things I needed to do. This is sort of what it looked like...
  1. Call 1-877-322-8228 and request a free credit report (preferably from Experian)
    1. note: you can try it online, just make sure you don't enroll in the thing you have to pay for. We just want a one time deal.
  2. Call Hubbard at 642-4687(?) to see if you have any benefits there still (such as a retirement account) Teresa @ 642 4399
  3. Call Ameriprise at 1 800 297 7378 to inform them that you have beneficiaries (me and the kids) in the event something happens to you
  4. Call Washington Mutual Bank Customer Service at 1 866 892 9268 and tell them to remove you from the Personal Registry thing permanently
  5. Download pictures to Picasa
  6. Help me find a place to hide the key
  7. Clean gutters out
  8. Arrange a time to get together with Greg, Mandy and Simon this month
  9. Decide what you want to do for Father's day (keeping in mind that I'd like to do something with my dad too)
  10. Tabs on Jeep
  11. Sign remainder of June cards
So here's how it turned out...
  1. Credit report - Try 1 888 397 3742 for #1
    1. can't do it without payment info
    2. skip it
  2. Call Hubbard
    1. called Teresa @ 642 4399 at 11:20
    2. called @ 2:15
    3. she said call Fidelity directly at 1 800 835 5095
      • found 2 accounts: 1 with KSTP with a $0.00 balance and one with Sight & Sound also with a $0.00 balance.
  3. Ameriprise - Sending an update form in mail - confirmation number 0609blahblahblah
  4. Wamu - Done - a less than $3.00 charge will appear on the account for the cancellation
  5. Downloaded pictures to Picasa
    1. finished with all Family Gathering pics.
    2. finished Jack pics
    1. (see the updates here )
  6. did not find a place for key...
  7. Finished. This was the task that was the most physically demanding of the day. Resulted in very scratched up and dirty hands, running a lot of water and very clean gutters.
  8. Sent email
    1. "I'll get back to you on that...soon", said Greg
  9. Determined that father-in-law won't be a factor for Father's Day so looking at possibility of going to a $1.00 theatre or something along those lines
  10. Done, Jeep is tabbed
  11. Sign remainder of June cards
    1. didn't do this yet
After dinner Leesha and I watched another episode of Oban Star Racer. We're coming up on the last five or so episodes. Oban is top notch quality. After the kids were put down Cara and I watched an episode of Spooks or in America its known as MI-5. We're watching downloads directly from the BBC so its Spooks for us. Spooks is far more realistic than James Bond, but it is really the same sort of genre. Bond is an agent of MI-6 where this show is about the MI-5. 6 is to America's CIA as 5 is to America's FBI. One agency covers the globe (MI-6) and the other covers domestic espionage (MI-5). Definitely not a dumbed down show. Not as raw and real as Sandbaggers was, but still fantastic.
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