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2007 - 2008 Newsletter

This is from our 2007 - 2008 News Letter which can be found here.

February 2007

  • Cara's first appointments, hearing "Bopper's" heartbeat
  • Learned our friends Eric and Keesha were 6 weeks behind us in "infanticipating"

  • Ultrasound - Grandma Darlene, Dad and Leesha were all able to be there due to the snow day
  • Jeffry felt "Bopper" move
  • Set up Leesha's "big sister" room
  • Saw Greg and Mandy

  • Visited St. Louis - taking in the Dog Museum and registering at Babies R Us with Grandma Holly and Great Grandma Mary
  • Figured out how to work our living room shades after they'd been up for 6 months
  • Trip to Labor and Delivery to see if Cara was in pre-term labor
  • Leesha got her first soccer ball
  • Cara got a 6 week teaching assignment in one of the 1st grade rooms at North Heights (Leesha's school)


  • Mandy's shower
  • Garage sales - sold Cara's old car
  • Spent Mother's Day with Darlene (Cara's mom) for the first time in a long while
  • Dog-sat Sadie for the last time
  • Started gardening
  • Took a tour of the hospital
  • Time with the Willis family over Memorial Day which included setting up the nursery


  • Cara had a pregnant lady temper tantrum over getting the house ready for the baby
  • Leesha gets her first fish at the all-school picnic
  • We mourned when Sadie had to be put to sleep
  • Leesha broke the repaired portion of her tooth off on the last day of school
  • Celebrated Darlene's birthday with her for the first time in a long while
  • Celebrated our second anniversary
  • Took the New Baby class
  • Leesha learned to sew
  • Father's Day with David (Cara's dad)
  • Pre-Baby Shower with friends from our small group
  • Saw Anu when she visited from Philadelphia


  • Visited our friends the Trelevens in Altoona, WI
  • Welcomed Greg and Mandy's son, Simon Lee Willis on July 3rd
  • Saw spectacular fireworks at the lake just down the street
  • Cara spent time with her friend Kristyn and her kids
  • Visit from Steve and Holly
  • Tried to tempt fate (and speed Bopper's arrival) by seeing Spiderman 3 in a theater
  • Cara turned 32 and celebrated with David and Darlene as well as Jeffry who stayed home because we suspected labor
  • Finally (8 days late), Jack Elliot Willis arrived at 3am on July 27th weighing in at 8lbs, 15 oz and measuring 22.5 inches


  • Getting to know Jack and becoming adjusted to being parents of an infant
  • Craig, Tracy, Nathaniel and Aaron arrived for a visit from Kenya
  • Jeffry takes two trips out of state to bring back new buses
  • Another visit from Steve and Holly
  • Cara returns to Linens-N-Things, and Jeffry survives time alone with 2 kids
  • Eric and Keesha's son, Keane Philip Pfeifer arrived on the 13th
  • Jack's hair takes on a "sticketty-uppity" style
  • Jack's first smiles and visit to the MN State Fair
  • Post-baby shower


  • Jeffry celebrated his 33rd birthday with his parents for the first time in a while
  • Friends and family join us for Labor Day
  • Leesha started 4th grade at North Heights
  • More firsts from Jack - sleeping through a night, cooing, going to the church nursery, and Grandma Darlene's daycare
  • Time with Bombergs before they moved to Florida
  • Leesha got her first A+ and went on a field trip
  • Cara started subbing again
  • Trip to the MN Zoo with Craig and family
  • David and Darlene are acknowledged for retiring from their 36 years in Africa

  • Jack's first laugh, and Halloween (this year's clever costume - Jack in a box)
  • New family joined our small group
  • Cara realized Jack outgrew some of his new clothes before ever wearing them

  • Cara's grandmother passed away
  • Jack rolled over, figured out his Johnny Jump-up and started solids
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with Jeffry's family early
  • Replaced washer and dryer
  • Leesha had her friend Ashley over for sleepover
  • Dog-sat Hazlenut (the new small group family's dog)
  • Leesha had all her biological grandparents attend Grandparent's day at school
  • Thanksgiving with friends and family
  • Visited the Bell Museum of Natural History
  • Cara got to do some Christmas goody making with Darlene
  • Leesha learned to do her own laundry

  • Snow
  • Leesha performs with her schoolmates at the Mall of America
  • Anniversary of Leesha's accident
  • Visit from Anu
  • Time with family over Christmas
  • Jack had his first playdate with Keane
  • Jack got a tooth
  • Cara ended her part time job at Linens-N-Things
  • Jeffry took care of Jack, and even took him out on an errand
  • Jeffry and Cara saw Sweeney Todd
  • Spent an evening with our neighbors

January 2008
  • Went sledding with some members of our Small Group on New Year's Day
  • Jeffry got a new desktop
  • Celebrated David's birthday
  • Leesha turned 10 with more celebrations than ever before, including a trip to Underwater World
  • Got an elliptical
  • At 6 months, Jack got his first haircut, then he's on the move!

  • Simon's dedication
  • Cara got her first laptop
  • Leesha's best friend changes schools : >(
  • Time with our friends the Browns and their kids
  • Leesha had her first piano lesson, and got a half day off of school due to the water main breaking
  • Modifications to the kitchen so Cara has an "office"
  • Jeffry and Cara got to go out for a Valentine's Day date

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