Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, Ben Brown is helping me upgrade or replace my computer. He was looking into upgrading the memory and asked me what kind my computer already had. So I figured I'd open up the tower and look as well as clean out the dust (which was very badly in need), put it back together and email Ben what memory I needed. Most of these things I did. Got the air spray and the vacuum and started cleaning. Found the memory card, removed it, wrote down what kind it was, and then put it back. Plugged everything back in and booted it up...

But it didn't boot. It just beeped four times, paused and beeped four more times. Nothing on the monitor. I tried re-seating the memory card, same. Tried seating in a different slot. Same, nothing. Just four beeps.

Looks like I'd be replacing instead of upgrading. Damn.

Now I'm trying to figure out how much I can afford for a new or used computer.

Then George Bush says he's going to give me a bunch of money for a computer in the form of a tax refund! Thank you, George.

After work I met everyone at Byerly's restaurant right next to the bus terminal. Everyone being Darlene, Jack, Cara and Leesha. They have fantastic food there! We left Darlene and Byerly's, buying her dinner as thanks for watching Jack so often for us, and went computer shopping! We first went to the Best Buy in Roseville to find the tower I wanted, but discovered they didn't have it in stock. We did pick up a flat HD monitor from the 'open box' shelf. Leesha, Jack and Cara went on home, I found the tower I wanted in the Maplewood store.

When I got home, Jack and the girls had stopped somewhere for a piece of pie.

Spent most of last evening setting everything up. So now I'm surfing in style. More up-to-date than I have EVER been.
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