Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Two weeks ago my School Bus crapped out. Radiator was leaking and the transmission was failing. I wrote the problems up as I should, but the shop only focused on one of the two problems. The transmission failure basically made 3rd gear the same as Drive. Top speed was 31 mph. Not good.

I've been in several buses since then.

  • 253
  • 194
  • 253 again for Monday
  • back in 242 to discover it wasn't fixed and then into 360! in the AM and 315 for PM Tuesday.
  • 306 in the AM and 315 in the PM again on Wednesday
  • 308 on Thursday and Friday

360 is one of the brand new buses we drove up from Oklahoma this summer. Nicest bus we have.

It is Tuesday and I have my 242 back! The transmission is nice and tight.
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