Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Friday night we went to Willis West (Greg and Mandy's house) where we grilled out and ate in. It was a very good time visiting and playing with the dogs.

Saturday we slept in. Cara and Leesha went down to Ikea with Darlene to shop. Called me and I went to down to transport a cabinate. Pre assembled. Door open so took my time going home. Stopped at Hot Comics and found Uncle Sven's which the Source recently purchased. Hans was working there. We dug out Identity Crisis and marveled at how well it portrayed Deathstroke the Terminator. Found a bunch of Challengers of the Unknown comics for $.50!

Cara and I watched the first episode of the current season of Doctor Who before she went to be and I watched SNL.

Sunday we met at Uptown Bar and Grill for gyro omelets. We picked up Darlene at her church and went to Uptown to meet Greg and Mandy and Mom and Dad.

After that Mom and Dad followed us to our house and we all went to work on Bopper's room. Had sandwiches. Leesha slept in the living room while mom and dad had her bed. We went for a walk and sat outside and talked.

Memorial Monday we had some breakfast and shortly after that, Greg and Mandy came over as well as Trelevens. We spent most of the day in our back yard.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Steve & Holly to MN

My folks are coming to town today

Dah has ITP.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garage Sale

Cara sold that old blue car at our garage sale! Also sold the couch and chair and also the old cat-smelling air conditioner.

I played D&D with Rob, Paul and Pat at Pat's house. Left early to do lights at church. It was the new youth pastor preaching, Seth his name is. His 2nd time preaching and I've worked both times. He's great.

Monday, May 14, 2007

McKeever writing Teen Titans!

Sean McKeever (who is now exclusively writing for DC Comics AND has been assigned to write Birds of Prey AND on the writing team for the weekly Countdown title) is now the new writer for Teen Titans.
Beechen’s move to the new miniseries does come with a cost – he had to give up Teen Titans, where he was recently named as the series’ new writer, stepping in for the departing Geoff Johns. Moving over to that series will be another member of the Countdown team, Sean McKeever.

McKeever will join Johns, Marv Wolfman, Mike McKone, George Perez, Todd Nauck and other creators for August’s Teen Titans #50 “jam issue,” and then head off on his own with September’s #51 with artist Randy Green.

“Sean’s is able to write in that great younger voice that the Teen Titans book really needs and a great sensibility for the characters, and again, like Adam, with his time working on Countdown, he was able to learn a lot about the interaction between them. When Teen Titans came free, Sean just seemed the most logical choice. Sean will be writing two of our team books now, with Titans and Birds of Prey, and he brings a great voice to both those books.”
You can read the entire article here. If you don't know who Sean McKeever is, then here is some context. He is a friend of mine from from back in high school. We became friends over our mutual interest of comics. I worked for his dad at the hardware store where Sean had his own comic shop set up. He helped with many of the video projects Greg, Orion, and I would do. His house became a haven for many of us. Sean is one of those really good friends you have. I'm so excited about his success.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Girl Who Cried Wolf and Free Comic Book Day

Just before we left for Ms. Laura's graduation party, Leesha says her stomach hurt again. She was sick from school yesterday because she threw up on Thursday night for unknown reasons. I responded by telling her to lie down for a while which she protested about. It turns out that she happened to not want to go to the graduation party so she was making up an excuse. This upset me very much.

I'm finding it difficult to believe her when she complains about stomach aches or whatnot. I hate 2nd guessing her all the time, but this is what she's left me to do. The night before, she was at Jeremy's house and he said she was up late crying. Her reason for being upset were different for everyone she told. She told Jeremy one story, me another and Cara a third story. How can you believe anything she says? It is a thing I'm struggling with.

We all ended up going to Ms. Laura's graduation party at Como park anyways. Ms. Laura is the bus aid on my Murry Jr. High school bus route. She and I have gotten to know each other and discovered that both our families attend Woodland Hills Church. She has been studying to get her license in special education and invited us to celebrate. Leesha ended up having a blast and even cracked open the pinata!

After we left Laura's party we went to the Source for Free Comic Book day. The Source ran out of free comic book comics and ended up giving away cheap regular comics. They gave one bag to each of us- Leesha, Cara and me. Leesha's was 'screened' for younger fans. In her bag was a 1976 issue #1 of Kobra from DC comics. SCORE! I took that one for myself.


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