Thursday, October 04, 2012

WEEN Coffee Break on 89.3

89.3 The Current has a daily feature at 9:30 every morning. The Coffee Break is a half hour or so of songs based on a theme. Sometimes the theme is pre-determined based on a news headline, sometimes it's from a listener's suggestion. As soon as Jill Riley and Steve Seel define the theme there is no getting through the phone lines as people request appropriate songs in a flurry.

This week we've had WEEN appear TWICE!

Tuesday's theme was about medicine or medication. ZOLOFT came up as the 2nd pick...
Zoloft by Ween on Grooveshark

In honor of last evening's Presidential debates where Big Bird was a topic for some reason, today's theme was songs featuring goofy voices. The first song out of the gates...
Push th' Little Daisies by Ween on Grooveshark

It's always a treat when ya hear WEEN on the radio.


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