Friday, May 27, 2005


Tonight, Cara and I went to a concert. The music was from our friend, Greg Wollan. He is one of the cornerstones to our church's worship team and an amazing musician, at that. The show was at the Roseville Northwestern book store, kind of jammed in around one of the entrances. We snuck in not long after they started playing and eventually he noticed us, because he dedicated a song to Cara and I being married next month. The song he dedicated to us is called Glorybound and its the song that kind of initiated Greg and I talking as friends.

I first heard the song at a small group leadership retreat, last year. After the service that he played it in I went up to him to tell him how much I liked that song. We kind of started talking after that. Found out he is a 10cc fan! He has a show at the Church of the Open Door on June 17th and Cara and I will probably be going to that one.

music - obviously its Greg Wollan, but, I've found another song of his that I just love- Why So Downcast? Awesome song!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Covenant Relationships

I became a member of Woodland Hills today. Probably about a year ago, I took a class at church called Discovering Woodland Hills with the intention of becoming a member of the church. That class was designed for people who were new to the church (which I wasn't then). The next step was to take a class called Discovering Covenant Relationships. Very cool class, btw.

Tonight, there was a membership meeting (my first) where we got to hear about the annual finances of the church. The meeting was done with videos, mainly, which were very very well done.

After the meeting, Cara, Eric and I went to Applebees for dinner. Good times.

After four years of attending Woodland Hills, I'm finally a member.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Called in sick today

I've fallen into a strange pattern. I think that Monday nights often are restless for me. This one in particular was bad. Robert took me out for dinner, but we went too late and I ordered a greasy breakfast. So, after going to bed, I actually just laid in bed and worried about wedding plans and the Bible study till about 5am when the breakfast finally decided to come up and out. I called in sick and slept most of the day.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Family Invasion

Cara's parents are in town. Her dad arrived today and her mom has been here since Wednesday. Before her mom arrived, Cara had been busy moving her stuff downstairs, making what was the guest bedroom into her room. And moving Leesha's stuff into what was her bedroom so that she can transform what was Leesha's room back into her parents master bedroom. Leesha was very excited about getting a new room and she moved in fast. Meanwhile, I've been bringing my stuff over from my current house. I imagine Cara is feeling like her living space is being invaded.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

What... The... Heck!!??!

Ran into Natalie today!

Cara and I were moving furniture from room to room and going into the evening. We finally went to get groceries at Target down the street. On the way, at a stop light, a truck next to us honks and lurches forward to parallel with us- it was Natalie and her family! They happened to be going to Target as well. So we all met up in the toy section (Leesha wanted to spend her $4.20 in dimes) and introduced and got caught up.

The strange thing is Natalie and Todd and family don't live anywhere near this area and were just killing time after going to a skate park down the street. If we had left any later or earlier, we would've totally missed them!

Makes you wonder how many other times and places we just missed each other like that...

music - LUSH

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Your DJ Now, Princey!!!

Last night I woke up from a nightmare. This is the first time in many many years that a dream so freaky actually woke me up. Trying to describe it now certainly doesn't do it justice, but it had something to do with a serial killer setting up their victims to be found as they die- holding their own throats. The dream was left unresolved and I woke up in shivers. As unpleasant as that was, it was kind of a thrill.

music - various mix cds


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